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Monkey Jungle Cruise
1–Day tour
This is one of our most popular cruises in Phuket for the whole family or a group of friends. You will discover Mangrove Forest with its unique treasures, you will contemplate local people's life style, you will meet monkeys in their natural habitat, visit up to 4 uninhabited islands, swim with coral fish, relax on secluded white, sandy beaches, snorkeling, kayaking and fishing. We will spoil you with delicious and healthy food, drinks, wine and beer.

All our trips are orientated towards our Mother Nature, its serenity, tranquillity, quietness and beauty. Joining our cruise, with your family or group of friends you will, in variable order depending on tides and the weather.
Guests on a board: up to 11
Duration: about 8 hours
Start: at 9 o'clock
What to expect:
★ Visit Mangrove Jungle and cruise slowly along Mudong River.

★ Paddle your own kayak where the boat is unable to go and explore dense Mangrove Forest.

★ Observe the King's Rama 9 Project which is based on rebuilding the Mangroves in Thailand's coasts. (40% of the mangroves were slashed for burning in the past decades. This practice has since been banned).

★ Cruise past Thai villages and see how locals live in this part of Thailand.

★ Spot eagles, king fishers, pittas and other see birds.

★ Observe from your kayaks, play with and feed friendly and curious monkeys in their natural habitat.

★ Cruise past local fish farms and contemplate Thai See Gipsies' lifestyle.

★ Cruise to sheltered islands (up to 4 islands).

★ Enjoy relaxing on deserted beaches.

★ Snorkel and swim with colourful fish in coral reefs.

★ Kayak and swim in shallow crystal-clear waters which surround the islands we visit.

★ Fishing from the boat in the middle of the sea.

★ Enjoy being away from the crowds. We will be the only boat on the beaches we stop at.

Additionally to it all, you will be spoiled with our 5 star restaurant's menu during the whole trip, drinks, fruits, nuts, organic coffee and tea as well as unforgettable and unique atmosphere on our boat.
Prices for 1–Day tour
Each boat trip has its minimum cost. This includes charter fee, fuel, the wages for the crew and plenty of food, snacks, drinks and fruit. Also kayaking, fishing and snorkeling equipment is included. Being a family friendly company, we have a special price for children age up to 12 years old and families with small kids. Therefore, our minimum price for 1–day trip is:
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