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Cruises for the Differently Abled
1–Day tour
Making Eco-friendly cruises accessible to differently-abled people is one of our aims at River Rovers. Our boat the "Pitta", with its flat bottom, is designed especially for easy access and wheelchair travelers find our cruises trouble-free and always have lots of fun. According to us, virtually all types of our tours are possible.
Guests on a board: up to 10
Duration: about 8 hours
Start: at 9 o'clock
River Rovers Eco Tours caters to all
Being differently-abled, unfortunately, is always a bit of a problem with traveling, but with some adjustments, it is doable with River Rovers. Obviously, preparation and assistance require more attention. But with your collaboration, we do not classify which tours are possible or not, as almost all our trips are adaptable to the needs you may have.

People with different abilities Live, Navigate, Play, Work, Travel and Love!

Certainly, those with different abilities are not incapable. There are many ways people compensate for a reduction in abilities, and those with these reductions may have special strengths that exceed that of the general population.

Furthermore, you will be helped during your trip with all the different activities we have on offer, in making them easily accessible for your individual abilities.

We are not disabled; We are differently abled!
A fantastic review by one of our guests!
Gordon and Luck really run a special and private river/ocean tour. Gordon has his own purpose-built calm water and river boat. He takes you on a personalised day trip along the southern coast of Phuket. While all the speedboats filled with 50+ passengers are racing at breakneck speed to get to "The Beach" at Phi Phi (which they will share with 150 other boats) you will be taking in the Phuket coastline in a relaxed manner.

We saw and fed Macaque monkeys, who will amaze you as they dive into the river for fruit, we went swimming at 3 beaches (two of them deserted), we swam in deeper ocean water and whenever we were stopped we could take the twin seat kayaks for a wander.
It has been mentioned before but the food is amazing… At no time were we without something to snack and drink the whole day (about 7.5 hours).

The lunch was a divine smorgasbord of Thai treats cooked on board by "Luck". There was also fresh fruit, chips (hot and cold) and fried chicken wings… Washed down with your choice of water, soft drinks, juice or beer… Honestly, find me someone else who can match that! Gordon even arranged the taxi in which we shared the return fare to Patong.

And yes, I am a wheelchair user and having seen many websites happy to say NO to wheelchairs, it was great to see that Gordon and River Rovers were up to the task. I am a paraplegic with a manual chair and the short distance across the sand and on board (about 20m) was handled with ease by Gordon, my brother and one of the other passengers.

They simply lifted me and the chair directly onto the back of the boat. The deck is flat and there is room for at least 2 wheelchairs (and as Gordon mentioned, 4 if the table is moved) along with your mates. Up to 10 people altogether. You will need to have your own ablution plan as the toilet is below deck. This was no problem for me as I use a spill proof pee bottle.

I went swimming 4 times by getting out of my chair and throwing myself off the back of the boat. I got back in with a first lift onto the kayak and a second with help onto the deck, a third onto the deck seating then a simple jump to my chair.

No matter what your ability, I am sure Gordon will have a crack at making it happen with your guidance and a flexible mindset. Even if you don't go swimming the views, the relaxed pace and the food are awesome!
Prices for 1–Day tour
Each boat trip has its minimum cost. This includes charter fee, fuel, the wages for the crew and plenty of food, snacks, drinks and fruit. Also kayaking, fishing and snorkeling equipment is included. Being a family friendly company, we have a special price for children age up to 12 years old and families with small kids. Therefore, our minimum price for 1-day trip is:
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