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The Hidden Treasures of Chalong Bay
2 or 3–Day tour
You will see places nobody else sees. We will take you, your family and friends for an unforgettable cruise full of nature, culture and fun, down the forgotten waterways of Phuket with undisturbed mangrove forests dotted with small fishing villages, along beautiful coasts of Phuket and neighbouring secluded islands.

You will enjoy deserted white sandy beaches, swimming and snorkelling in clear sea waters with coral fish, kayaking and fishing if you like. We will spoil you with delicious, healthy food (5-star restaurant menu), drinks, snacks and fruit. A truly unique experience designed to suite all ages and abilities. Guests on wheelchairs are welcome.
Guests on a board: up to 6
Duration: min. 2 days/1 night
Start: at 9 o'clock
What to expect:
While leaving the beach or jetty, depending on the tide, we'll follow along the path of the Mangroves, experiencing its wonderfully unique ecosystem, while watching the birds trail behind our boat.

★ Soon we will reach the Mudong Floating Sea Gypsy Village, here you will see the gypsies at work, feeding their fish on their private fish farms while preparing their longtail boats for the day's fishing in Ao Chalong.

★ We then move on and follow the special bamboo sticks, which were placed here by the local fishermen, to form the channel which takes us into the river.

★ Once we've entered the river, you will have a chance to observe the local villages and longtail boats, with many Thai people waving friendlily as we pass gently by. The villagers are always surprised to see us, as rarely any tourists find their way here.

★ With only a maximum of 6 guests on board we can stop anywhere you like. It's up to you, there is no strict itinerary.

★ Our next stop takes us to see the Monkeys, swinging from tree to tree and generally having mischievous fun. They know we have fruit for them and are all lined up waiting patiently.

★ If you wish, you can take our kayaks and paddle up to the monkeys and take pleasure in feeding these curious friends with fruit supplied by River Rovers.

★ You can then paddle on through the mangrove forest and see what else you may find of interest.

★ Next we will take you to a few (3 or 4) of our secluded local islands, where you can swim from the boat along the way, enjoy some snorkelling or even a little fishing of your own.

★ These beautiful islands have white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and with not a tourist in sight.

★ You can relax on the boat, the beach or in the warm crystal-clear shallow waters, great for the kids and elderly.

★ Delicious food is served at any time during the cruise and anywhere you choose to eat; whether on the boat or if preferred, a private BBQ on one of the secluded beaches. It's all up to you!

Prices for 2 or 3Day tour
Each boat trip has its minimum cost. This includes charter fee, fuel, the wages for the crew and plenty of food, snacks, drinks and fruit. Also kayaking, fishing and snorkeling equipment is included. Being a family friendly company, we have a special price for children age up to 12 years old and families with small kids. Therefore, our minimum price for 2 or 3–day trip is:
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