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Cruises for the Differently Abled
1-Day tour
Making Eco-friendly cruises accessible to differently-abled people is one of our aims at River Rovers. Our boat the "Pitta", with its flat bottom, is designed especially for easy access and wheelchair travelers find our cruises trouble-free and always have lots of fun. According to us, virtually all types of our tours are possible.
Guests on a board: up to 10
Duration: about 8 hours
Start: at 9 o'clock
River Rovers Eco Tours caters to all
Being differently-abled, unfortunately, is always a bit of a problem with traveling, but with some adjustments, it is doable with River Rovers. Obviously, preparation and assistance require more attention. But with your collaboration, we do not classify which tours are possible or not, as almost all our trips are adaptable to the needs you may have.

People with different abilities Live, Navigate, Play, Work, Travel and Love!
Certainly, those with different abilities are not incapable. There are many ways people compensate for a reduction in abilities, and those with these reductions may have special strengths that exceed that of the general population.

Furthermore, you will be helped during your trip with all the different activities we have on offer, in making them easily accessible for your individual abilities.
A fantastic review by one of our guests!

We are not disabled; We are differently abled!
Prices for 1-Day tour
Each boat trip has its minimum cost. This includes charter fee, fuel, the wages for the crew and plenty of food, snacks, drinks and fruit. Also kayaking, fishing and snorkeling equipment is included. Being a family friendly company, we have a special price for children age up to 12 years old and families with small kids. Therefore, our minimum price for 1-day trip
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